Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Capturing a Moment"

As an artist, my motivation is to be able to transmit a message that will catch the viewer's attention and leave a significant impact in their lives.

One of the rewarding things of painting outdoors is to be able to exchange with people that stop by to offer encouragement when we are capturing on our canvas what inspires us. As a result of the exchange, I get emails from some visitors describing the beautiful impact of the moment and their own experience. Here is an excerpt of one of the latest messages that I received:

"“I was so excited to see your painting of Lobster Cove completed.  If you recall, my friend and I were there together watching you paint that scene .  It was a very special moment for us, both talking with you and seeing you  work.  It was like story telling with many different narrators, as we circled your group, looking at the ocean and the shore and viewing the many different interpretations around us.”

 It makes me feel immensely happy to receive this type of feedback which is the product of capturing the wonderful world that God created.

Thanks to all of you for taking a moment to stop by. Your comments are a real blessing to me!

©2013 Aida Garrity. "Lobster Cove - Monhegan Island", Oil, 11 x 14