Monday, August 12, 2013

Have you ever spent a day doing things that you really love?

Well, this past Friday August 9th, I dedicated the entire day to share with my artist friends, visiting museums, attending opening receptions and looking at great art. It was such a rewarding day that started with a trip to visit my great friend, mentor and master artist Judith Carducci. I also had the pleasure of meeting my artist friends Kim Moore, Susan Cone Porges, and Carol Medhurst and we all headed out to have a great lunch. The afternoon adventure proceeded with a visit to the Butler Museum of Art in Youngstown, Ohio where we enjoyed the art of the American Impressionists, John Singer Sargent and Robert Henri. We also had the chance to see an outstanding portrait of Judith Carducci painted by Mark Giangaspero which is showcased at the 77th Mid Year Exhibit.
Judith Carducci's Portrait painted by Mark Giangaspero

The story continued with a visit to a visit to the BayArts area where my friend Judy Takacs was having her opening reception for her famous Chick With Balls exhibit which I greatly enjoyed.

It was a very wonderful and inspiring day!



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